Free Range Pork

– Gammon and Bacon  –

All our bacon is dry-cured, unlike the vast majority of supermarket bacon that is pump-injected with water which is then released from the bacon when fried or grilled and appears as a white residue on the bacon and in the pan. This practice inflates the price and deflates the quality. With the exception of dry-cured-back bacon the pork used in our all our cured products is exclusively free-range from Packington Farm. You will definitely taste the difference.

Dry Cured Back Bacon

The finest dry-cured back bacon.

£5.72lb / £12.61kg

Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon

The finest free range, dry cured, smoked back bacon.

£6.20lb / £13.67kg

Dry Cured Smoked Streaky

The finest free range, dry cured, smoked streaky bacon.

£5.20lb / £11.46kg

Dry Cured Streaky

The finest free range, dry cured, streaky bacon.

 £5.20lb / £11.46kg

Dry Cured Middle Bacon

Free-Range Dry Cured Middle Bacon.

£5.48lb / £12.09kg

Bacon Ribs

Much underrated, they are best boiled until tender and served with cabbage and buttered mashed potatoes.

£2.71lb / £5.97kg

Gammon Steak

Dry Cured from our own Free-Range Pork, delicious grilled or fried with a couple of our Free-Range Eggs

£4.63lb / £10.20kg

Gammon Joint

A very versatile joint that can be boiled, par-boiled and then roasted or simply roasted. Superb hot and just as tasty cold in a sandwich with our own English Mustard. We are sure you will enjoy our Free-Range, dry cured gammon so much more than the supermarket gammon that is pumped full of water. We say it again, do not pay for water!