Locally Reared Lamb

– Always Outstanding  –

Very much a family favourite, especially for the Sunday Lunch, we source our lambs locally. Always outstanding, it is at its best though between April and the end of June because that is the season of the spring lamb, a time when grass is at its lushest. As a result of seasonal changes our farmers all supply quality lambs at different times each with a difference in flavour. Depending on the time of year lambs are sourced from different farmers. Either from Haslington, Gawsworth or Congleton in Cheshire. But whichever, they are all within 30 miles of the shop proving once again our belief that local is best.

Frank has nothing but respect and admiration for all the farmers that supply his lambs. Like shepherds of old they have to be available at all times throughout the lambing season, often helping with difficult births. Another example of how everyone in our food chain has animal welfare as one of their core values.

Lamb Steak

5-7oz Per Steak. Can be grilled, fried or BBQ. Frank recommends they should not be overcooked and left a little pink in the middle.

Lamb Chop

Locally reared, lean and extremely tasty. Grill, fry or BBQ and serve with a little of our own Mint Sauce and new potatoes.

Rack of Lamb

Simply roast until pink (25/30 minutes) and then let your guests or family fight over them.

Leg of Lamb

Allow 10-12oz PP. If Byron had written a poem about meat it would have been a Leg of Lamb. Open roast or wrapped in foil and cooked slowly. Please do not overcook, it makes us cry..

Shoulder of Lamb

Whole or half shoulder absolutely delicious roasted and served with onion sauce.

Half Shoulder of Lamb

Whole or half shoulder of lamb is absolutely delicious roasted and served with onion sauce.

Diced Lamb

6-8oz PP: Ideal for slow cooking in a casserole, stew, curry, or make your own pies and kebabs.

Minty Lamb Kebabs

Tender cubed lamb in a tasty mint glaze

Lamb & Mint Burger

Local lamb with a hint of mint.

Mini Lamb Roast

Tender local lamb neck fillet in a rosemary and garlic marinade. (Oven Ready)