– Taylor Made Sausages  –

The British Banger is one of the nation’s most popular foods with over 90 per cent of households buying them regularly. To help meet local demand we make in the region of half-a-million sausages each year and that number is steadily rising as we introduce new ranges and as a result of our very popular annual Taylor’s Sausage Week, when for every 1lb bought we give away 1lb absolutely free. Our entire range is made on the premises using only the finest quality pork from Packington Farm in Lichfield. We use only natural casings and the finest ingredients to guarantee quality, consistency and maximum taste. Not forgetting of course, fantastic value for money. For the weight conscious customer we also have a selection of reduced fat sausages in our Slimmer’s Choice range.

Traditional Pork

Traditional Pork Sausage with an Old English herb seasoning.

Thick Pork

Thick Pork Sausage, always a family favourite.


Thick Pork Cumberland

Made to a recipe that was passed down by Frank’s father and is as popular now as it was all those years ago.

Thin Smooth

Thin Smooth Sausage which is very popular with adults and children alike.

Thin Cumberland

Thin Cumberland Sausage. Ideal for anyone that like their sausage to have that little bit of extra ‘bite’.

Pork & Leek

Pork and Leek Sausage. As well as being popular with our customer it is also favoured by the hotels and restaurants we supply.

Old English Pork

Old English Pork Sausage with a choice selection of herbs.

Maltese Sausage

Maltese Sausage with a very distinctive flavour of fennel, garlic and cracked black pepper.

Pork & Garlic

Pork & Garlic Sausage. That says it all really.

Low Fat Thin Pork

Lean Pork, Thin Sausage. Also part of our Slimmer’s Choice Range.

Pork Farmhouse

Award Winning Pork Farmhouse Sausage. The Italian herb Campagna brings out a very distinctive flavour.

Pork, Apricot, Chive & Chestnut

Pork, Apricot, Chive & Chestnut Sausage. Frank’s favourite. .

Winter Warmer

Pork Sausage with a Californian mix of herbs and spices.

Pork & Chestnut

Pork & Chestnut Sausage.

Pork Cocktail

Pork Cocktail Sausage made with the same seasoning as the very popular Cumberland Sausage.

Lean Pork Chilli

Lean Pork Sausage with Sweet Chilli. This is a popular choice in our Slimmer’s Choice Range.

Lean Pork Lincolnshire

Lean Pork Lincolnshire Sausage. Another very popular sausage in our Slimmer’s Choice Range.