– Gammon and Bacon  –

You will definitely taste the difference.

Back Bacon

The finest back bacon.

Smoked Back Bacon

The finest smoked back bacon.

Smoked Streaky

The finest smoked streaky bacon.


The finest streaky bacon.

Gammon Steak

Delicious grilled or fried with a couple of our Free-Range Eggs

Bacon Ribs

Much underrated, they are best boiled until tender and served with cabbage and buttered mashed potatoes.

Gammon Joint

A very versatile joint that can be boiled, par-boiled and then roasted or simply roasted. Superb hot and just as tasty cold in a sandwich with our own English Mustard. We are sure you will enjoy our  dry cured gammon so much more than the supermarket gammon that is pumped full of water. We say it again, do not pay for water!