Oven Ready Products

– Served in Oven Ready Trays  –

For most busy working mums time is always at a premium. Children to chase after, home to run, shopping to do and meals to plan and prepare. It helps therefore if just a little of that burden can be eased and what better way than choosing one of Taylor’s extensive and delicious range of oven ready products with a selection to suit all tastes.

Served in trays, with cooking instructions provided, you simply put straight in the oven. What could be easier, buy, pop in the oven, cook, eat and then throw away the tray (for recycling of course). No preparation and no washing up, it saves you time and money. Browse this section and start licking your lips.

Honey Roast Pork Steak

Free-Range tender pork rib-eye in a honey roast glaze.

Lemon and Chilli Pork Sirloin Steak

One of our most popular marinated products. Served in an oven ready tray with cooking guidelines. Can also be removed from the tray and grilled or BBQ.

Chicken Fillet in White Wine and Mango Sauce.

A Succulent Chicken Fillet served in a White Wine and Mango Sauce. Simply pop in the oven and serve with rice.


Italian Style Meatballs

Free-Range seasoned minced pork in a rich tomato sauce served in an oven ready tray with cooking guidelines.

King Ribs in Smoky BBQ Sauce

Free-Range meaty pork belly ribs with a honey roast glaze in a smokey BBQ sauc

Chicken Kiev

Prime chicken fillet filled with garlic butter and coated in breadcrumbs.

Kofta Kebabs

Lean minced topside of beef in a Mediterranean seasoning.

Currently Unavailable

Chines Style Spare Ribs

Meaty pork ribs in a delicious Chinese glaze.

Texan Grill Steak

Ground topside of beef in a pepper and onion seasoning. Grill and ideal for your BBQ.

Peppered Minute Steak

Tenderised top rump steak in a tasty pepper marinade. Our most popular marinated product. Best grilled or fried but also ideal on the BBQ. Perfect for a quick sandwich.

Beef Goulash

Hungarian favourite, tender chunks of beef in a tomato, red wine and onion sauce..

Lamb Shank in Kleftico Sauce

Ideal wrapped in foil and slow roasted to ensure maximum taste and tenderness.

Cantonese Beef Stir-Fry

Locally reared strips of tender beef with bean-sprouts, selection of peppers in a Cantonese sauce.

Salt & Pepper Chicken Thighs

A very popular choice which often feature in our weekly Special Offers. Chicken thighs are particularly suited to a Salt & Pepper marinade and have the additional advantage of being sold in a sealed, oven ready tray making cooking as easy as possible. Especially appealing if you are looking for something quick and tasty with a minimum of fuss.


Another firm favourite, and not to be confused with the ‘Bat Out of Hell’ singer. A wholesome and very tasty offering of Ground Beef in a mushroom marinade, peppers, cheese and red onions. Also served in a sealed oven ready tray. It could rightly be described as a modern-day Classic. No fuss, cook, serve, and enjoy, and don’t forget to recycle the tray.


The Bifana is a very tasty, traditional Portuguese offering that comprises of a bread roll filled with thinly sliced pork steak marinated in a garlic and herb sauce. We serve the meat; all you need to do is provide the bread.

Tikka Masala

A dish consisting of diced marinated chicken breast in a mild, spiced curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy and orange-coloured. The dish was first offered by British cooks of South Asian origin and subsequently gained popularity at restaurants around the world, and now in many homes in the Sale area, courtesy of Taylors. Also served in oven ready trays.

Tennessee Bistro Steaks

A 6oz rump steak in a fruity spice marinade that can be cooked on the BBQ, or in our oven ready trays.

Moroccan Lamb Kebabs

Increasingly popular and reflects changing tastes, influenced by a greater awareness of international cuisine. Not too spicy, but extremely tasty, and are ideally suited, but not exclusive, to BBQs.

Merguez Beef Sausage

A sausage made with uncooked beef, and spiced with cumin and chili pepper, which give it its characteristic piquancy and red colour, as well as other spices such as sumac, fennel and garlic. Very popular in North Africa, and now at Taylors.

Brazil Pepper Chicken Fillets

Whole chicken fillets marinated in a sweet pepper sauce. Can be served in oven ready trays or not, the choice is yours.

That’s not all though!

As well as our extensive range of fresh and ready-cook products we also stock a large range of Sauces, Recipe Sauce mixes, and Gourmet Sauce mixes. All available from the Multideck Display Unit, and they include:


Microwaveable Sauce: Honey Mustard, Stilton, Steak Diane, Bearnaise, and the very popular Pepper Sauce. Microwave in just 20 seconds, and with a long sell-by date, they are a delicious complement to our products.

Gourmet Sauce Mixes: Sausage Cassoulet, American Style Pulled Pork and Sticky Brisket of Beef.

Seasoning Mixes: Rosemary & Garlic Potato Seasoning, Creamy Stroganoff and Chilli Con Carne mix.