Slimmers Choice

– Lean Choice For The Weight Conscious  –

Watching your weight or having special dietary requirements needn’t necessarily feel like a prison sentence. Taylors have not forgotten you and we have an excellent range of low fat products that have the same fantastic taste as all our other products. This includes burgers, kebabs and a selection of sausages. When available we also have venison and rabbit which is extremely low in fat and cholesterol.

Kofta Kebabs

Lean minced topside of beef in a Mediterranean seasoning.

Low Fat Chicken Burgers

Tender Made with prime chicken fillets.

Chicken Fillets

Prime British chicken. Please don’t hesitate to ask our team of skilled butchers to butterfly them if required

Cajun Chicken Kebabs

Part of our lean cuisine range; tender chicken breast cubes in a Cajun glaze.

Lean Pork Chilli

Free-Range Lean Pork Sausage with Sweet Chilli. This is a popular choice in our Slimmer’s Choice Range.

Lean Pork Lincolnshire

Free-Range Lean Pork Lincolnshire Sausage. Another very popular sausage in our Slimmer’s Choice Range.

Low Fat Thin Pork

Free-Range Lean Pork, Thin Sausage. Also part of our Slimmer’s Choice Range.


Low Fat Steak Burger

Ideal for slimmers and made with super-lean ground beef.