Cheshire Reared 21 Day Matured Beef

– Roasting Joints –

Because it is locally reared we can be certain of its provenance, so important today when food is flown around the world by most of the major supermarkets. You can be sure that the beef you buy has had the shortest possible journey from Ian’s pastures to your plate. Ian rears it, we prepare it, you cook it and your family eats it. They deserve the best.

Top Side of Beef

8oz PP. A firm family favourite for Sunday lunch and makes the perfect beef sandwiches the following day if you buy a larger joint. To quote Frank’s dad talking to his mum; ‘Just show it the oven honey’.

Rolled Sirloin of Beef

8oz PP. Superb roasting joint for all occasions.

James 1st knew what he was doing when he said ‘Arise Sir Loin’.

Rib of Beef

10-12oz PP. Fabulous 21 day matured beef on the bone that adds to the delicious taste. Roast as you would any other piece of beef and let the dog savage the bone. Don’t forget Yorkshire Pudding.