Cheshire Reared 21 Day Matured Beef

– Grill –

Because it is locally reared we can be certain of its provenance, so important today when food is flown around the world by most of the major supermarkets. You can be sure that the beef you buy has had the shortest possible journey from Ian’s pastures to your plate. Ian rears it, we prepare it, you cook it and your family eats it. They deserve the best.


Sirloin Steak

The most popular of the steaks and delicious grilled, fried or BBQ. Ask Paul if you want your steaks cut ficker or finner.


Rump Steak

6 – 10 oz per person. One of the tastiest and best value-for-money steaks available. Grill, pan fry or BBQ from rare to well done.


Rib Eye Steak

8-10oz PP. With a fine marbling of fat that adds flavour to the meat. Grill or try frying in a hot pan and drizzled with melted butter.


T-Bone Steak

Generally about 16oz each with a good marbling of fat. Can be grilled, pan fried or barbecued from rare to well done.


 Fillet Steak

We cut to your requirements. It can be grilled but for best result fry and cook rare to medium, sear on both sides in a hot pan and then move to a lower heat. Because of leanness can be wrapped in bacon to fry to provide fat for improved taste. A larger cut is ideal for Beef Wellington, a dinner party favourite.


Steak Taylors Tip

Leave all steaks at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. Do not season until ready for the pan because salt draws out the moisture from the meat.


Peppered Steak Kebabs

Cubed top rump steak dusted with a pepper coating.


Steak Burger

With over one million sold they are popular all year round. Made with 95% prime beef.


Low Fat Steak Burger

Ideal for slimmers and made with super-lean ground beef.

Peppered Minute Steak

Tenderised top rump steak in a tasty pepper marinade. Our most popular marinated product. Best grilled or fried but also ideal on the BBQ. Perfect for a quick sandwich.

Kofta Kebabs

Lean minced topside of beef in a Mediterranean seasoning.