Cheshire Reared 21 Day Matured Beef

– Grill, Roasting Joints and Slow Roasting –

What is it about Taylor’s beef that brings people from far and wide to buy it? There are a number of reasons, but the main ones are value, taste and consistency.

All our beef cattle are reared by Ian and Linda Booth who farm on the Duchy of Lancaster estate in Cheshire. Frank has known Ian for the past 12 years and they share a common passion for animal welfare. It is this very passion that ensures you, the customer, only purchase beef that we are all proud of.


For The Grill

Cooking for one, or for many at a barbecue, these are the cuts of beef for your grill.

See our Beef for the grill

Roasting Joints

From classic cuts of roasting beef, to some lesser known cuts, we do them all.

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Slow Cooking

Although it takes longer, slow roasting beef is well worth the wait. See our selection of meats here.

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