Free Range Pork

– Pork Joints and Cuts  –

Whilst the supermarkets may have a vastly superior publicity machine, one fact is inescapable. 95% of the pork products they sell are from intensively reared pigs whether from this country or abroad. We, on the other hand, are completely satisfied that all our pigs from Packington Farm in Staffordshire are free range and that they enjoy the natural habitat that a pig should be reared in. You will certainly taste the difference.

Pork Sirloin Steak

Like the rest of our Free-Range pork absolutely delicious and can be grilled, fried or BBQ.

Rolled Pork Sirloin

Free-Range prime cut of pork rolled, tied and scored for perfect crackling. Ask for extra crackling!

Belly Pork

A restaurant and chef’s favourite at the moment. Ideal for roasting and full of Free-Range flavour. If you want a larger piece please ask.

pork chops

Pork Chop

Free-Range can be grilled, fried or BBQ. If you want the crackling left on then please ask.

Leg of Pork

As with all our pork it is Free-Range and from Packington Farm in Lichfield. Pre-scored for the perfect crackling it is complimented by our own Apple Sauce.

Pork Fillet

The fillet ‘steak’ of Free-Range pork, ideal for pork schnitzel. Don’t hesitate to ask our team of skilled butchers to batten-out to your requirements.

Diced Pork

Lean cubes of Free-Range pork perfect for casseroling.

Pork & Apple Burger

Free-Range Pork with apple.

Pork Rump Steak

Free-Range, lean, tender, succulent and tasty, what more can we say?

Pork Bifana

Free-Range pork minute steak in a garlic and herb marinade.  A Portuguese favourite.