A Christmas Selection

It's nearly that time of year again. For all your Christmas Fayre needs, contact us today.

Christmas at Taylors

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Happy nearly Christmas everyone. We aren’t going to let anything like a Global Pandemic get in the way of bringing you the very best Christmas Fayre. There’s just a couple of things you need to know about ordering this year because of the ‘situation’.

The big change for us is we need to pay in advance for all the turkeys we order in, so with that in mind we are asking for deposits this year. It also means it’s going to be difficult to change the size of your bird once you order.

Also, as people may be limited to the numbers at their dinner table, we are expecting a high demand for smaller birds. So while we do everything we can to get you the size you ask for, you may end up with a larger bird.

The BIG thing we are going to suggest this year is that you consider one of our boneless turkey breasts instead of a full bird.
There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, not only are they succulent and incredibly tasty, but as restrictions change – who KNOWS what’s going to happen there! – you can call and change the weight depending on the number of people you are able to accommodate up until December 19.

They are zero waste. And if you’re a fan of the dark meat too, then combine with a turkey thigh roll.
So here’s everything you need to know about our Turkeys this year:

Fresh Birds – Free-range Bronze, Cheshire Whites and geese

Please place your orders as soon as possible! If you want a full bird then please aim to order before the 9th of December. As after this we may only be able to provide you with a boneless turkey breast.
• £15 for turkeys under 12lb
• £20 for turkeys over 12lb
• £15 for geese
We will do our utmost to get you the closest weight to your order – but we are anticipating a large amount of orders for smaller birds so there is a slight possibility this year your bird may be over by up to 2lb.

Turkey Breasts: Pure boneless turkey breast meat.

• No deposit required
• Easy to cook, easy to carve, zero waste
• Can change your weight as requirements change up until December 19

Order by calling the shop: 0161 973 3480 or call in. As well as ordering by phone and in the shop, we have even built a new Christmas Grotto at the side of the shop where our socially distant elves will be taking orders during busy periods.


Cheshire Turkey

Reared in spacious pole-barns with plenty of ventilation and free-roaming space.

£4.38lb / £9.67kg

Free Range Bronze Turkeys

Free to roam on lush Cheshire grass during the day and safely tucked up in barns at night.

£5.77lb / £12.73kg

Turkey Breasts

Pure boneless turkey breast meat particularly suited to the family that does not enjoy the dark meat.

£5.99lb / £13.21kg

Prime Gammon Joints

Superb served cold with turkey or on sandwiches over the Christmas period.

£3.92lb / £8.64kg

Pigs in Blankets

14 Free-Range pork cocktail sausages and wrapped in our own dry-cured Free-Range streaky bacon.

£4.85 per tray

Free Range Cheshire Geese

If you save the fat it can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for 6 months or frozen for 9.

£5.67lb / £12.50kg

Cheshire Reared Capons

£3.14lb / £6.92kg


£3.81lb / £8.40kg

Streaky Bacon

£5.20lb / £11.46kg

Topside of Beef

A firm family favourite. To quote Frank’s dad talking to his mum; ‘Just show it the oven honey’.

£5.75lb / £12.68kg

Prime Rib of Beef

Roast as you would any other piece of beef and let the dog savage the bone. Don’t forget Yorkshire Pudding.

£5.38lb / £11.86kg

Rolled Sirloin of Beef

Superb roasting joint for all occasions.  James 1st knew what he was doing when he said ‘Arise Sir Loin’.

£11.03lb / £24.32kg

Rolled Leg of Pork

Pre-scored for the perfect crackling it is complimented by our own Apple Sauce.

£4.35lb / £9.59kg

Rolled Pork Sirloin

Free-Range prime cut of pork rolled, tied and scored for perfect crackling

£4.83lb / £10.65kg

Goose Fat

For the very best roast potatoes you will cook there is no other choice.

£2.50 Each

Thick Cumberland Sausage

Made to a recipe that was passed down by Frank’s father.

£3.53lb / £7.79kg

Thin Cumberland Sausage

Ideal for anyone that like their sausage to have that little bit of extra ‘bite’

£3.71lb / £8.18kg

Thin Smooth Sausage

Always very popular with adults and children alike.

£3.46lb / £7.62kg

Pork & Chestnut Stuffing

£3.47lb / £7.65kg

Mrs Taylor’s Free-Range Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing

£3.15 per Tray

Cocktail Sausage

£4.33lb / £9.54kg

Place your order in the shop or phone 0161 973 3480, ask for Sam or Paul and we will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.