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As with most major supermarkets and high street retailers Taylors of Sale operate their own, very successful, loyalty card scheme and have been doing for a number of years. We are confident though that ours is the most attractive and generous available.

For every £5 spend on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (excluding Christmas week) and £10 spend on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1 square will be clipped on your Loyalty Card.

Once all 24 squares on your card are clipped you will receive £6 off your current or next shop.

Therefore, if half your shopping is done in the first half of the week and the remainder in the second, a total spend of £180 will earn you discount.

We also operate ‘Double Loyalty Points’ promotions during certain times of the year. Some customers take their discount as soon as they have earned it, others accumulate theirs and use it over the Christmas period. Rival schemes are different but as a general rule £1 spent is worth 1 point therefore 100 points is worth £1.

So to match ours you would have to spend £600 elsewhere as opposed to £180 or less with us. It make you think doesn’t it? Ask for your card today.


‘Outstanding butcher, committed to top-quality local meat and service. I haven’t bought supermarket meat for a decade, and never will. Frank and the team provide tremendous service levels, and nothing is too much trouble’

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