Free Range Pork

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We are particularly pleased to have been able to source free-range pigs, which is not the same as outdoor reared pigs the supermarkets are trying to portray as free-range. Outdoor reared pigs are certainly born outside but, after weaning, spend virtually the rest of their lives inside, in pens, being intensively fattened and not seeing the light of day again. Free-range pigs on the other hand spend their entire lives in the most natural of environments doing what pigs do, wallowing in mud and enjoying life. They forage naturally and supplement their diet with what they want to eat.

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Free Range Pork

Our free range pork is available in a selection of joints and cuts.

Pork Joints & Cuts


Free Range Sausages

Taylor made sausages. Perfect for the barbecue or simply anytime.

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Free Range Bacon & Gammon

All our Bacon and Gammon is dry cured. See our selection of meats here.

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